The best Wine Shopping experience

A Private Sale Club of wines and spirits... along with a permanent Outlet.

Bodega Privada is a private sales club specializing in internet sales of wines and spirits from Spain and abroad, committed to offering its customers the best price on a wide selection of large and small wineries and spirits brands through unique campaigns along a short period of time with limited access and its permanent outlet store of free access.

A large variety of products with unbeatable quality price ratio

Thanks to the work of our team of sommeliers, we analyze consumer trends in monthly sessions and select wines and spirits that adapt to the tastes and desires of our partners: great wine and spirits brands, discoveries, innovations or products well renowned in the market.

In this way we aim to provide the most outstanding wines from Spanish and abroad, complemented by an original and independent selection of excellent wines characterized by their excellent quality / price. This selection is made mainly of rare wines in the Retail Wine Shops and supermarkets, often produced by small Wineries with low distribution capacity, or significantly foreign wines representative of their areas of origin. In any case, wines that have attracted our interest for some reason, and we are very pleased to make them available so that they can discover.

A dynamic and independent company...

Bodega Privada has no direct link with wineries or distributors. Our selection responds only to the desire to make you enjoy a variety of wines from different backgrounds, philosophies and styles but always with quality as the main reference.

…with a professional team of sommeliers and buyers turned towards your entire satisfaction.

Bodega Privada has a team of professionals who take care of every detail to the smooth running of the club, attending personally to each of our partners and working to achieve optimum service, safe and fast.

Our team of sommeliers selects the products under our philosophy and our buyers aim to get the best prices in the market for our partners could enjoy your favorite products with the objective to get always the best price at all times.

Bodega Privada also offers a professional service pursuit of special wines under specific requirement. So, do not stay with the desire to get your favorite wine at the best price.

We Generate Purchasing Power! and we promise your WINE SHOPPING experience more enjoyable and beneficial than ever.

Price, purchase and transportation, insurance and satisfactory attention to permanent partner explain why Bodega Privada has become one of the leading wine and spirits on-line sales companies in Spain.